After my recent graduation from college I have relocated to the beautifully infectious city of New Orleans.  This is a city I have grown up being apart of simply because the majority of my family is from there. An undeniably unique community exists down here, one that I am sure will impact my life in amazingly unpredictable ways. I feel home in the Crescent City and my hope is that my art will eventually have a home here as well. In 30 days time I will be receiving an artist permit so I can begin selling my paintings on the streets of the French Quarter. For the next month all i'll be doing is painting and preparing my first series of work to hit the streets with.  Starting with my first painting created in NOLA (carriage lean), this blog will serve as the place to check in and see my progress along this new journey of mine in a new place I am so proud to call home. 

Carriage Lean 
48"x 33"
Acrylic Paint, Enamel, India Ink, Pastel
Details of Carriage Lean

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